Belgian Ardennes, 1944


A beautiful board game set during the freezing Battle of the Bulge.


Clash of the Ardennes is easy to learn, no need for historical knowledge and is setup within minutes.


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What's in the game?


  • 25 wooden Allied units
  • 25 wooden German units.
  • An astonishing battlefield of 54x80cm (21x31 in)
  • Rulebook
  • 20 Objective cards
  • 20 Victory cards
  • wooden street markers
  • A luxury box with a black velvet inlay
  • 2 player aids


The gameplay


Both players are sitting in front of each other and choose a side (Allied or German). All the units, all with their own capabilities, are placed next to the battlefield. You build up your army, starting from your side 1 of the 7 roads, so you can reach the end of a road. Did you reach the other side? Perfect, you have conquered this road! Your secret Objective card describes which roads you need to conquer to win the game. In each round you have 4 action points to spend. For example, if you place a unit, it will cost you 1 action point. As soon as opposing units 'touch' each other, a 'clash' takes place and the strongest unit wins. By thinking tactically, thinking ahead and placing your units cleverly, each game will be tense, and the tide can turn in seconds. 


Clash of the Ardennes is easy to learn, no need for historical knowledge and is a guaranteed success on a weekend evening, accompanied with a good glass of beer or wine.


How can I get the game?


Very simple! Below you can fill in all your details and order a copy of Clash of the Ardennes. Shipping normally takes around 1-2 weeks for all European countries. The price includes shipping in the European Union. If you live outside the EU, please click here.



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Delivery time is about 1-2 weeks for European countries.




We are proud to say that we have received over 50 professional reviews and previews from all across the world. With an average of 4.2 of 5 stars we are very happy of course. Below you'll find some reviews, but here you can find many more. All traceable to their source and sincere.  


Tabletop Gaming Guild  ⭐ 10/10

“Clash of the Ardennes is a phenomenal, abstract, strategy, tile placement and two-player wargame with amazing component quality and art. But the most surprising aspect of the game for me is how it was able to deliver an epic and suspenseful feel to every play. The game produces good tension from having to make meaningful decisions as to which unit tiles to place and on which street and having to react and pivot to the opponents’ tiles placements.” Read the full Instagram post here or watch the video here

Board Game Meeple

“Finally, a war game that doesn’t have rules that send you to sleep! Clash of Ardennes has a rule set designed to get you clashing across the battlefield quickly with both players looking to gain position with clever tile placement and strategic planning. There is plenty of gameplay to be had, it’s fast to learn with a clever spin on the old ‘rock, paper, scissors’ mechanic and all wooden components and artwork are absolutely fantastic!” Read the beautiful Instagram post from Gareth here

The Board game Connaisseur  ⭐/⭐ 4/5

“This game took me completely by surprise. It is even better than I thought it would be. The constant going forward, retrieving and combat makes Clash of the Ardennes a highly dynamic game and creates the feeling of a frontline battle.” Read the full Instagram post here





How long does a game plays?

A game of Clash of the Ardennes normally takes around 45 minutes to play.


For which age is the game

We suggest 12+, but we already had lots of positive players who were a lot younger.


When can I expect the game?

Within 1-2 weeks for all European countries.


What does it cost?

The total price of 59 euro includes shipping in all European Union countries. 

Keep in mind, this price is a bargain for the high quality you will get! The game consists mostly of wooden pieces and quality was one of our most important aspects. 

How can I contact you?

You can visit our Terms & Conditions page, here you can also find our contact information. You can always contact me by writing an email to



About us


We have a small, dedicated team and we received enormous help from all over the world. We are very grateful to everyone who helped out, in any way they could. The game was designed by Elwin, illustrated by Steve and without the big help of Sabine it would never be as it is now. Thank you all!



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Our terms and conditions apply. You can read them here

Delivery time is about 1-2 weeks for European countries.