Tabletop Gaming Guild  ⭐ 10/10

“Clash of the Ardennes is a phenomenal, abstract, strategy, tile placement and two-player wargame with amazing component quality and art. But the most surprising aspect of the game for me is how it was able to deliver an epic and suspenseful feel to every play. The game produces good tension from having to make meaningful decisions as to which unit tiles to place and on which street and having to react and pivot to the opponents’ tiles placements.” Read the full Instagram post here or watch the video here

Weekend Board Gamer  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐ 8.5/10

“Clash of the Ardennes does everything I love in a 2 player game. It's fast, it's tense, and it's easy to teach. This is a game that I want to play over and over again.” Read the full Instagram post here.

The Vitruvian Gamer 

“This game is definitely one that has been made with a lot of love and respect for the theme.” Watch the video here


“The back and forth was tense and the wooden board and units slotted together perfectly for a gorgeous table presence.” Read the full Instagram post here

Tabletop United

“This is a great game that’s easy to learn and play and seems like it will take some time to master. The artwork and components are great, and the short playtime means that it will likely be one of those games that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome and gets to the table often.” Read the full article from Stefan Yates here

Australian Tabletop Gaming Network  ⭐/⭐ 4/5

“I really enjoyed going over each possible move in a turn and trying to think several moves ahead. I’d give it a solid 4 out of 5, as the gameplay is great."

Babylon Games

“It's a unique game that is made entirely from wooden components and an artwork, wholly on theme. An easy game to learn and teach. There is a lot of strategy behind it. A great 2-player game that plays within an hour.” Read the full Instagram post here

Board Game Review

“I have looked forward to Clash of the Ardennes since I first set eyes on it on Instagram. I was sold on the illustrations alone and knew nothing of the gameplay. When it arrived, the gameplay surprised me. While it was easy to learn, the game demands some interesting decisions to be made. If Clash of the Ardennes sounds like it is a game for you, rest assured, there is plenty of dogged, gritty fun to be had.” Read the full article here

Board Games with Couple / 7/10

“Clash of the Ardennes gives a unique take on a war duel game in an iconic setting. Strategy and a good memory will serve you well in this good looking game." Read the beautiful Instagram post here


Board Games Journal  ⭐/⭐ 4/5

“Love the secret objectives for each player! They add a new level of adrenaline, as you never know how close your enemy is to achieving their goal. Also, both the artwork and the gameplay fit the theme really well!” Read the full article here

Board Game Meeple

“Finally, a war game that doesn’t have rules that send you to sleep! Clash of Ardennes has a rule set designed to get you clashing across the battlefield quickly with both players looking to gain position with clever tile placement and strategic planning. There is plenty of gameplay to be had, it’s fast to learn with a clever spin on the old ‘rock, paper, scissors’ mechanic and all wooden components and artwork are absolutely fantastic!” Read the beautiful Instagram post from Gareth here

Board Game Review - Tanja Brouwer  ⭐/ 8,5/10

“Clash of the Ardennes is a game with high replay-ability, great wooden components and an interesting game mechanism. A must-have for everyone who loves war games or for people who just want to play a great 2-player game.” Read the full Instagram post here

The Meeple Among People

“This 2-player abstract, strategy game packs quite the punch. The gameplay is effortless to learn but will take time to master. The preview copy has fantastic wooden components, so I’m excited to see what the final version will have to offer.” Read the full Instagram post here

Boardgame Stories  ⭐/⭐ 9/10

“As always, the litmus test for every game: Is it fun? Yes! Clash of the Ardennes makes for an enjoyable play experience whether the players take the game at a leisurely, thoughtful pace or set a timer for speed matches. There may be some room for modifications to stabilize the battlefield area a little, but the mechanics themselves have very few critical points as the rules are refined and errata removed.” Read the full article here


“A proper war game for two with only one winner! It’s a mix of Chess, Risk or anything like this with a strong theme and a great production! The game looks really good!” Read the full Instagram post here

Boardgaming INC

"Winter's never been so hot :). Clash of the Ardennes is strategically challenging, and every mistake is punished mercilessly.”

Board Crazy  ⭐/⭐ 4/5

“Clash of the Ardennes is clever, strategic, and tense. If a few wrinkles are ironed out, it could become one of my favorite two-player games.” Watch the video here

Boards Eye View

“We've really enjoyed our head-to-head tussles playing this game so we're eager to see how it develops further over the course of the Kickstarter campaign. Aside from the tactical jockeying for position of the gameplay, we love the colorful and satisfyingly tactile wooden pieces.” Read the full article here


“Very cool tug-o-war in this one. Component quality is top notch with actual wooden pieces used for everything. The art is great and fits nicely to the theme.” Read the full Instagram post here

Bury Board Games  ⭐/⭐ 8/10

“Clash of the Ardennes is the quintessential game of cat and mouse, occurring within a haunting, snowcapped, Belgian forest. You’ll play as one of two relentless generals, staring steely-eyed at your opponent across the table, as you try to outwit each other in accomplishing your secret objectives. This is all about deep-rooted player-to-player psychology; luring your rival into traps and false starts; and sacrificial troops. The rock-paper-scissors mechanism, partnered with the abstract strategy tile-placement, encapsulates the tense, terrifying tone of the historic battle. And oh goodness, those wooden tiles! They raise Clash of the Ardennes high on a pedestal: offering striking table presence alongside delightful tactility. And with clair-ligne artwork like this, you can’t but help feel an affiliation to your troops on a gut-wrenching, human level.” Read the full article here

Dice Daniel

“Clash feels like a streamlined game of militaristic tug-of-war with a thick layer of tactics and bluff. Almost all components in the prototype are made of wood and the artwork is based on illustrations from German tank instructions. This also makes the game’s design feel unique.” Read the full article from Daniel here

Just Got Played

“I like this game a lot! So simple to get on the table, easy to teach your partner and honestly so mind bending when you start laying down tiles. I love it! I highly recommend this game if you're looking for a fast to learn, complex, 2-player game that plays within a hour. I don't know how you can beat it.” Watch the video here

King Maple - Cats and Meeples  ⭐/⭐ 4/5

“Clash of the Ardennes is a really elegant and deep strategic game that offers multiple avenues towards achieving your goals. It is at times very reactive and dynamic based on what your opponent does.” Read the full article here

Life of a Board Gamer

"Easy and simple rules. Highly strategic. Like chess, but it has tanks!" Watch the video here


“This is a great game! Even if you are not a fan of or not really familiar with wargames (like me) then it is certainly a wonderful tactical 2-person game where you can easily get going because of the simple rules. Very accessible but quite a challenge to develop your tactics on this battlefield.” Read the full article from Mario in Dutch here

Lotte Speelt  ⭐/⭐ 4/5

“This game is so unique! For starters, it’s made up of wooden components which really gives it a special feel when playing. It also contains beautiful artwork.” Read the full Instagram post here

Bordspel Bros

“From the gameplay to the components, everything about this game is premium.” Read the full Instagram post here or read the full in Dutch article here or read an interview in Dutch with me here

Meepleboat  ⭐/⭐ 8,5/10

“Great modern wargame that reminds me of classics.” Read the full Instagram post here

Meeples Abroad

“Clash of the Ardennes is one of the best and most-strategic 2-player games we have ever played. The mechanics mean that it is straight forward to pick up, but mastery is a whole other matter. The pieces themselves are of the highest quality; each printed onto a wooden tile.” Read the full Instagram post here

Meeples on the Ground  ⭐/⭐ 4/5

“Clash of the Ardennes is a unique 2-player experience featuring compelling gameplay, lots of theme, and a unique implementation of components. A weighty war game that plays in under an hour.” Watch the video here

Move the Robber  ⭐/⭐ 4/5

“Clash feels like an intricate, tactical cat and mouse game and I can’t wait to see if people agree and fully fund the Kickstarter project quickly.” Read the full Instagram post here

NoobHaven  ⭐/⭐ 4/5

“Clash of the Ardennes didn't disappoint. The wooden units and board are a tactile treat and the changing objectives make every move count and keep you second guessing your opponent. You can learn the rules in 5 minutes, but the strategic depth keeps you wanting ‘just one more game.’ Great 2-player brain burner!” Read the full Instagram post here

Roll the Dice

“The game looks good and the wooden components are adding a more premium feel to the game. Every play is different due to the secret assignments.” Read the full article from Pieter here

Start 2 Game

“Clash of the Ardennes looks really promising and is a great 2-player game for those who love the theme.” Read the full Instagram post here

Sam & Jess – S vs J board games

“An interesting new gaming concept with a brilliant theme. A strategic battle to the very end.” Read the full Instagram post here

The Board game Connaisseur  ⭐/⭐ 4/5

“This game took me completely by surprise. It is even better than I thought it would be. The constant going forward, retrieving and combat makes Clash of the Ardennes a highly dynamic game and creates the feeling of a frontline battle.” Read the full Instagram post here

The Meeple Gamer - Let's get it on the Table

“The graphics for both Axis and Allies are awesome, but what certainly surprised me was the fact that all the components were made of wood. This makes the game even more special than it already is!” Read the full Instagram post here

The Vegetarian Meeple

“Clash of the Ardennes has maybe the most beautiful artwork I know in a war-themed game. The components are from a extraordinary quality. Oh my god, I mean I'm a sucker for Wooden components but this whole game is made out of wood! The tiles are from such a high quality that I now want to have every of my game in wooden tiles. The secret objectives makes every game different and tactics will change for every game. It can be a psychologic battle between both players. It's a unique, beautiful, tactical abstract tile-placement tug of war game what I really appreciate.” 

UCP Leeuwarden

“Despite the relatively simple rules, the game offers remarkably immersive gameplay and exciting challenges along the way. Tricky and interesting decisions must be made with the limited number of actions permitted to you.” Read the full article here

Vin d' jeu  ⭐/⭐ 8/10

“We really liked the immersive, thematic side of the game. Secret objectives make it difficult to determine your opponent's strategy. Your soldiers will advance from their trenches without knowing what the enemy holds for them. Clash of the Ardennes is a pure strategy game, there is no luck involved. You can only win thanks to your strategic mind and the right interpretation of the actions of the other camp.” Read the full article in French here

Curiously Books and Games

“Clash of the Ardennes! This gem just went live on Kickstarter and is now fully funded! Don't miss out! It is a lot of fun. One of the things I love about the game is the use of secret game objectives. It's like my favorite Risk game variant where you play your secret mission. Fantastic!” Read the full Instagram post here

Rabenhaupt  ⭐/⭐ 4/5

“The different objectives in Clash of the Ardennes will ensure that every game will be unique. If you are looking for a dynamic and exciting war-themed 2-player game, Clash of the Ardennes might just be for you!” Read the full article here

We love Boardgame

“I really like the tactical gameplay. The game fits perfectly to the theme and the rules are very simple. You can learn it in around 5 minutes. Whether you are looking for a strategic 2-player game, a WW2 game or both in one, go and check it out.” Read the full Instagram post here